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Alphonce is the first of three siblings and led the normal life of an African child up to the age of about 10 when, following a common fever, he contracted a heart infection, which began to jeopardize the functioning of his heart more and more severely. Soon the doctors understood the extreme severity of the problem and suggested that they immediately perform a delicate heart operation, to replace two of the heart valves that have now been completely compromised. Such an operation is not possible in Tanzania.

Working together, the Centro Astalli of Palermo and the association Nyumba Yetu Onlus of Agrigento, managed to have Alphonce included in a humanitarian medicine project of the Region of Sicily. This is how Alphonce arrived in Palermo in January 2012.

Who has seen Alphonce in those circumstances will never forget the impression created by this child who moves with the difficulties of a seriously ill old man, who could not take a walk without running out of breath…

After a delicate operation and a short period of rehabilitation, Alphonce returned to Tanzania. But in February 2014 Alphonce is again in serious and imminent danger. His heart is about to give way once again, on June 16, 2014, Alphonce returned to Sicily. After a few weeks of pre-operative hospitalization at the Children’s Hospital, Alphonce underwent a delicate surgery at the IsMeTT of Palermo during which two mechanical valves were implanted. The surgery went well and Alphonce is entrusted to the care of a group of volunteers from Agrigento.

Now, after a successful rehabilitation, Alphonce returned to Tanzania and will move to the city of Mwanza, where there is a hospital with a good cardiology center.

Now, however, we need funds, to pay for a series of expenses: from enrollment in school and related school fees, to housing, as well as medical expenses (medications and periodic medical checks) for a period of at least 4/6 years.

It would be nice to be able to put together a fund that would allow him to complete his entire course of study; in this way Alphonce could find a job compatible with the conditions of his heart with which to maintain himself. This is why we began raising funds.

Read the full story of Alphonce.

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