Happy Easter!

On this Holy Saturday we are still shaken by what we know happened to Jesus yesterday on that Way of the Cross. The screams, the insults, the confusion, the pain, the loneliness, the cross, the death, the pitiful rite of burial, the silence. It is the silence that continues today, on this Saturday of a quarantine that makes the days all a little similar to each other, anonymous, slow … and that brings confusion, loneliness, fatigue and, for some of us, sickness and death. Every day that passes seems wasted, as if it were a “no time” in which it is clear to us what we could and wanted to do and which today appears to us as stolen. This “suspension time”, if you think about it, is really a “full time”. It is the time when we are given a great, unique opportunity to grow for all of us, to rethink and, if we know how to take advantage of it, also to regenerate our social and ecclesial life. This may be the time of the “justified stop”, that stop that we have certainly all invoked sometimes, at the end of our energies, stunned by the frenetic rhythm of lives that are now too fast. A stop that gives us time to refocus on what matters most in our life.

This can be the time of “recovered relationships”, of regenerated love, of restored parenting, of re-motivated filiality. And again, this may be the time for a “rediscovered faith”, in prayer and in confrontation with the Word, in a deep and prolonged dialogue with God on the fears, doubts, weaknesses and concerns that this experience is bringing to the surface. . Today that liturgies are denied us (if not on TV and on social media), we are rediscovering their value and beauty. And we realize that what we lack in the Eucharist is actually a call to make our own life a Eucharist, bread broken and shared in thanksgiving. We are realizing that the juice of our life of faith lies precisely in the ability to make ourselves brothers with each other, to open ourselves to the logic of sharing and proximity, to do each our part so that everyone can be well. And we can do all this even today, indoors of our quarantines or in the restricted space of movement that is given to us by the charitable services still active.

In the silence of this Holy Saturday, while we already look forward to the dawn of an imminent Easter, we give thanks for the sacrifice of women and men – and you are among them – who made this period of health and social emergency a real time. Easter: health workers, chaplains, parishes, volunteers of our Caritas, voluntary associations, people who with enormous generosity shared food and money with the poorest, those who guaranteed essential services to all…. Because all of you – perhaps unconsciously – are writing a wonderful page in the history of this Italy and of our Church. Tomorrow will be Easter and we will celebrate the definitive triumph of Life over death, of Light over darkness, of Love over fear. For us Christians it is not a fairy tale, but the Truth that offers us the key to understanding our life. The image of the wide open and empty sepulcher reminds us that the Lord Jesus is alive and has the last word on death and pain. To all of you, dear friends and brothers, the thanks of the Agrigento Church and the best wishes for a true Easter of Resurrection.