Caritas: aperti per ferie

A summer in the suburbs existential. Also this year, in July and August, the services of the diocesan Caritas of Agrigento will be “open for holidays”.
In fact, the diocesan Caritas and Fondazione Mondoaltro, operating arm of the same, will be engaged throughout the summer alongside the past, keeping open, thanks to volunteering and ecclesial communities of the city, its facilities.
Specifically, the services will be as follows:Canteen
Even for this August will be guaranteed the replacement service of “Mensa Solidarity”, this year at the premises of the Community via Gioeni “Open Door”.
The service will be organized with the collaboration of the parishes of Agrigento and of ecclesial movements, an element that emphasizes the common purpose of the church of Agrigento that, with their actions, becomes a witness of charity.

Service showers and wardrobe
Will continue during the summer showers service at the premises of that street Orfane 16, attached to the cloakroom service, it allows those in situations of extreme social marginalization to wash and have a clean change. A similar service will be active in the local Mensa Solidarity.

Action Center of Lampedusa
Landings occurred in recent months in Lampedusa although the operation “Mare Nostrum” operators Caritas-Migrantes together with volunteers from the parish were the only ones to intervene in support of the institutional machinery (eg. With the distribution of water, juices fruit, clothing, games, for migrants waiting to be boarded the ship towards Porto Empedocle). Our efforts on the island will continue even during the summer.

Training camps and volunteering
This summer, for Caritas, will also feature training and promoting charity with two fields for young people: the first 7 will bring young people in Tunisia, Sousse, 11 to 24 August, where he will be engaged in volunteer activities with local children . The “Beyond the Sea” now in its third edition is the result of partnership between the Archdiocese of Tunis and that of Agrigento.
The second is the field of training and that will bring 16 young volunteer of Caritas Triveneto in Agrigento (divided into two groups: July 28 to August 7 and August 27-September 6) that will be engaged in volunteer activities in the services of the Foundation and Mondoaltro training on issues of legality, charity and disability.
From 29 to 31 August will be realized the Ability Camp experience “when we” for 40 disabled children. The field is the natural conclusion of the project “ABILITY” played over the last year and co-funded by the Italian Caritas, which saw the construction of laboratories and innovative activities for the autonomy of the disabled in five regions of the diocese: Cammarata, Canicattì, Racalmuto, Sambuca di Sicilia and Agrigento.

Diocesan counseling center
The diocesan counseling center, with its workers and volunteers, will remain open throughout the month of August to meet the needs of the poorest of the whole diocese, in consultation with the parishes.

“A church that is present in the periphery of existence even at that time of year when the commitment may be reduced: this is the goal of the initiative open for holidays – said the director of Caritas Valerio Landri. We wanted to play in this way the continual references to the charity of Pope Francis and the signs of the Archbishop Francesco Montenegro, intensifying even more our activities in the summer months to keep coming to the last and bring a concrete witness to evangelical charity and justice ” .