Caritas Christmas Party

Christmas brings with it the desire to be together, look each other in the eyes and warm up your heart a little. This is why every year the volunteers, operators and friends of Caritas Diocesana Agrigento meet to exchange greetings and share the joy of a birth that has made all children and brothers of a love so great that it cannot be celebrated. In fact, on Friday 20 December they will meet at the Mondoaltro Foundation to share a moment of joy in the name of those values that guide dozens of volunteers every day and imbue the numerous services with something that goes far beyond simple volunteering.

But it is not a simple meeting, let alone a party. Caritas Christmas Party wants to be an occasion for reflection on the increasingly emerging serious margins; a moment to touch firsthand a place full of solidarity, to confront those who already work in this field and try to imagine a path of common growth to which to give their contribution in terms of time. In short, we are also looking for volunteers, but in truth we are looking for new points of collaboration, also and above all with other associations, so that the work of supporting poverty can be a joint action and not of individual individuals.

There will be music, joy and a great desire to share this particular moment of joy in the name of solidarity and in this special setting, the greetings of Cardinal Montenegro who on that special occasion will deliver the Mandate to the Volunteers could not miss.

The appointment, therefore, is for FRIDAY 20 DECEMBER at 18.30 entrance via San Domenico 3 (along the staircase behind Piazza Municipio).