Caritas, more aid to the dioceses

Nearly 7 million Euros against poverty. In view of the many requests for help that could affect the counseling centers of the diocesan Caritas of Italy, was also planned for 2014 an additional appropriation by the Italian Caritas to tackle the economic crisis increasingly pressing and give support to people They are living in conditions of poverty heavy.
The fund, set up at national, seeks to fill the absence of a public instrument, can guarantee to those in need decent living conditions: can be summarized as the anti-crisis initiative, which began in 2013 and also provided for 2015, which last year involved 188 diocesan Caritas (of 220, ie 85%) who have applied and received a request for reimbursement of expenditure in support of persons and families in need. It must be said that already in 2013 were 165 diocesan Caritas (76%) to have received aid from the national headquarters in mid-year because they had run out of funds for the fight against poverty.

The payment of the mortgage payments for the house, the bills to legal fees or condominium, from medical expenses to school books and canteen services for children: the contributions, calculated according to an index that takes into account the territorial situation employment, the hardships and poverty of the area, go to cover needs of various types, depending on the needs and differences in the boot. 56% of the reimbursements concerned the diocesan Caritas South, 25% went to the North and 19% in the center. In the South they prevailed expenses for services and capital goods. A confirmation comes, among others, by the Caritas of Agrigento that had 80 thousand euro contribution, coming to have more than 2 thousand families gravitating centers in their listening. “70% of those we help is Italian – explains Valerio Landri, director of Caritas of Agrigento -. Contributions are mainly for the rent and the bills, but we support the whole family and understand what they need: if we are unemployed children ask them to contact our desk job orientation, we give special support if there are elderly and disabled dependents. “

As if to say that behind the contributions, there is always a path that looks autonomy of people in the South, where, however, much is also invested in the establishment of guarantee funds for micro-credit activities, but also in the North where there is the highest share of expenses for the activation of vouchers work. This is the case of the diocesan Caritas of Mantova, to name one, who has chosen to use a great deal vouchers work within the same parishes to offer “small job opportunities to those in need,” says Giordano Cavallari, director of the diocesan Caritas, ” without thinking of being able to recreate the conditions of employment guaranteed by an actual contract, we felt able to lend a hand to people in need, offering them to repaint the walls of the speakers, dealing with social gardens, small works of crafts for the parishes. “

In short, a way to have a “double benefit” for people who are working and, therefore, are able to “feel useful for the community, maybe getting rid of the social stigma that would have us believe that they have little desire to work” for the community that find new resources. To be used also outside: “We have tried to involve the private sector in the purchase of vouchers work with which to pay a gardener or a woman who helps at home,” always with the goal that many more people have a source, albeit small income, with which his feet and regain their dignity.