Alveare 2 – EVS

Project Description

“The mobility of European workers and citizens is one of the main factors on which to invest in transforming the European Union into the most competitive and dynamic knowledge society in the world” (Lisbon European Council of March 2000). The EVS “Alveare 2” project is based on this instruction. It involves 3 volunteers from three European countries (Germany, Spain and Belgium), who work together for 9 months with the activities of the “Alveare” multi-ethnic playroom (which welcomes 25 children, both Italian and foreign, from 4 to 6 years old), the “Incontri” intercultural center (activities with Italian and foreign young people), and the implementation of a blog on volunteering called “mondoaltro” – the name of the Mondoaltro Foundation (the operative arm of the Diocesan Caritas of Agrigento).

The project is inserted in continuity and in evolution with respect to the first edition of this EVS project that is still in progress and that has produced excellent results. The EVS will be a “learning service” that works for the local community and promotes the learning of new knowledge, skills and new languages for volunteers. Volunteers will contribute to the development of the local community of Agrigento and to the inclusion of immigrant children and their families as well as acquiring the ability to improve their capacities and key skills as well as job prospects.

The activities will focus on the themes of social inclusion, interculturality and integration, on the development of the local community, on creativity and innovation, on the personal and professional development of volunteers, to stimulate active and European citizenship and to promote achievement of the objectives of the Europe 2020 and Erasmus + strategy for this specific action.

The activities will allow volunteers to work with different beneficiaries of the services provided by the Mondoaltro Foundation (children, young people, women, families, immigrant groups) through assistance to the staff:

– in educational planning and in the implementation of activities;

– in the development of initiatives and activities that promote intercultural dialogue, volunteering, cooperation, non-formal education, the promotion of the Erasmus + program to peers and the development of a personal and professional project that will allow them to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Learning methods will be non-formal and will include: “learning by doing,” “peer to peer,” collaborative and cooperative learning, creative thinking, team building and structured dialogue.

The volunteer, through the EVS “Alveare 2” will contribute to society, thus creating a change that will have an impact on itself. The result will be a virtuous circle: the enrichment and personal satisfaction of the EVS will be a stimulus to continue its commitment to social activities by promoting a better society and acting as an example for other young people.