Casa Rahab – Social House

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Project Description

Inaugurated in February 2014, it is part of an experimental “Housing project” that involves several Sicilian Diocesan Caritas.

Problematic situations related to the absence of a stable home are increasing and now concern a wide spectrum of people, which do not necessarily coincide with the classically weak figures that we are used to imagining.

The target to which “Casa Rahab” is addressed concerns Italian and foreign individuals, in situations of social marginality. The beneficiary accepts to offer his or her voluntary services to the community: this is useful to facilitate his social integration path. He or she must also follow a multidisciplinary support program operated by tutors. The reception period will be determined on the basis of the situation and the personalized project which the beneficiary has accepted. To access this service please inquire at the Diocesan Listening Center.

The structure, beyond the reception in mini apartments with a kitchen, dining room and TV in common, provides the support of a team of operators who work to ensure ongoing support to the person in their effort to achieve autonomy (medical and psychological support, workplace orientation, social and bureaucratic support, and social integration are all offered).

The Mondoaltro Foundation is part of Network Housing First Italy of the Italian Federation of Organizations for People Without Homes (FIOPSD). The project has benefited from the 8xmille contributions of the Catholic Church.

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