“Diversamente” Pastoral Center

Project Description

Born in 2011 thanks to the Project “Diversamente” financed by the «8xmille» funds of the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana, the Center is now managed by the Parish «S. Lorenzo», in Agrigento, under the supervision of Caritas Diocesana Agrigento/Mondoaltro Foundation.
The Center aims to develop the empowerment of differently abled children and to support their inclusion as well as that of their family within the Christian community and civil society.
The Center is open 3 times a week from January to June and from October to December. On average there are 15 differently abled children with an average attendance of 10 of them. Recreational, cooking and sports activities are held.
The families of the children are involved in internal and external activities and have contributed a great deal, in terms of time management and Center activities.
Over time there has been an improvement in social-pastoral integration, as well as in social, personal and occupational skills, also thanks to external activities (WEPLA: Week End For Autonomy, trips, meetings with the parishes and associations).
It has also been important to offer families the opportunity to share their experience on the care of their children and to feel supported in dealing with daily difficulties (mutual aid among families).

As part of the Ability area of Caritas Diocesana Agrigento/Mondoaltro Foundation, the young people of the Diversamente Center take part in several activities together with young people from other Centers (Racalmuto, Cammarata, etc.):
WEPLA, involving 10 differently-abled children on average and 10 volunteers. The objectives concern the strengthening of social, personal and employment skills; socio-pastoral integration and peer tutoring (learning from the same age);
Summer Colony, for the improvement of social integration, leisure and play activities with peers, strengthening of the network between associations of differently-abled people;
Summer Camp, residential: with the aim of improving social and pastoral integration, as well as peer tutoring.