Corner Granata – Social/Job Orientation Desk

Project Description

The desk deals with social and work orientation for young people and adults looking for a job.

The Corner is a free space created to:

  • orient oneself in the world of work
  • discover new job opportunities
  • learning to know one’s own skills
  • put together innovative ideas
  • start again with courage

An informal interview helps those who accesses the service to recognize their own potential and to direct them towards new job choices, in Italy and abroad.

The operators of the Corner are there to listen, orientate, and accompany each one in the search for a job. The rest depends on the beneficiaries of the service.

The Corner is not:

  • an alternative to the Employment Center (Employment Office)
  • an temporary employment agency
  • a poverty-support Listening center.

The Corner is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am to 12:00am in Salita S. Domenico 3 (an intersection of Via Orfane, next to the Church of S. Domenico) in Agrigento.