Building the Future

Project Info

Project Description

Project period: September 2015-August 2016 (extension to October 2016)
Co-financed by: Caritas Italy, with 8xmille funds
Beneficiaries: unemployed/underemployed adults and young people

The project was aimed at encouraging the workplace reintegration of people who are faced with the problem of unemployment.

Activities carried out were:

–  3 adoptions for the activity “Adopt a mother with her child,” aimed at new mothers in difficulty;
– The “Food Multiplier” with which 17 parochial Caritas were supported;
– Family psycho-social support through the Diocesan Listening Center in synergy with those of the various parishes;
– Encounter between requests for and offers of work;
– Involvement of the parochial Caritas in the service / pedagogical services (2 corners open in Sciacca and in S. Giovanni G.);
– feasibility study for the establishment of a consumer cooperative (economy of communion).

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