Locanda di Maria

Project Description

The Locanda di Maria was born within the «Recovery Project» which aims to encourage awareness of the potential and the skills of each of the people involved and the facilitation of personal autonomy as a response to the social stigma connected to their marginal condition.

The building where the Locanda di Maria is located was granted to the Mondoaltro Foundation by the Parish B.M.V. Assunta. After necessary adjustments, it was inaugurated in March 2017 as a pedagogical service, requested by Cardinal Montenegro for the Year of Mercy.

Since June 2017 the Locanda has offered an evening canteen with places for 30 people and a medium to long term reception facility in an apartment on the upper floor.

While the canteen is set up for the evening, on some mornings it becomes an educational opportunity for the differently-abled and other people in need who we’ve met through our different diocesan services. The educational kitchen is a way to test oneself and to acquire new skills on the path to autonomy.