MEET – Migrations in Europe and Transnational Evolutions

Project Description

Mondoaltro Foundation is a partner of the MEET Project – Migrations in Europe and Transnational Evolutions, presented under the 2014-2020 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund together with Solidarietà Caritas, operative arm of the Diocesan Caritas in Florence, which is its leader, and the Diocesan Caritas Foundation in Trieste.

Among the institutions involved are the Municipality of Florence, the University of Florence and the CPIA of Trieste. The general objective of the MEET project is to increase the knowledge of social workers, public administrators and policy makers of policies and operating practices for the integration of legally-residing, third country nationals, both at the European and national level, in order to identify models of social intervention capable of inspiring integration policies that reinforce social cohesion.

In its first planning phase (June-September 2017) some operators of the three Diocesan Caritas organizations carried out 5 Study Visits in as many European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Greece, and Belgium) with the aim of promoting the exchange of policies, integration models and operational practices at the European and national levels.

In the three Italian cities involved (Agrigento, Florence and Trieste) we will proceed, in the phase immediately following, with the experimentation of integrated routes in the field of housing inclusion, training and work placement and social integration in favor of the foreign population residing on our territories.

The progress will be monitored and accompanied by the University of Florence, which will offer the scientific support necessary for modeling social intervention actions and assessing their social impact.