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Re-starting is an initiative aimed at enhancing the skills and abilities of youth at risk of exclusion through a new model of psycho-social reintegration based on the principles of responsibility, legality and solidarity. Young people help other young people to “start again” through a path that “gives a second life to things;” a second chance through reuse and recycling of clothes, fabrics and more as indicated by the name: re-starting.

The heart of the project is the social tailoring workshop that offers the opportunity to participate in a process that treats people as resources, not “waste,” and permits the enhancement, increase and strengthening of skills. The possibility of learning a trade and “producing” goods through waste and offering them to those in need, therefore represents an opportunity for redemption for young beneficiaries.

The specific objectives of the project are: to increase the sense of civic engagement and social usefulness of young people; decrease the sense of social exclusion of at-risk youth and / or those with fewer opportunities; offer opportunities for socialization and comparison; provide an opportunity for social reintegration of young beneficiaries.

The social tailoring workshop was born with the idea of offering a possibility of redemption to people, who for one reason or another have chosen paths that are harmful to themselves and others or who have otherwise fallen into situations of socio-economic hardship, by creating alternatives through creativity and integration. This path is possible above all thanks to the mentoring of some tailoring workshops to enhance the capacities and individual skills of the young participants, which are essential for their growth and the prevention of recidivism (life skills and media education laboratory). The course envisions the collaboration of able-bodied and differently-abled youth, both Italian and foreign, and ensures a constant exchange of different skill levels and experiences.

There are 40 young direct beneficiaries subject to precautionary measures or NEET (reported by public and private social services) and 20 differently-abled young people who participate in the accompaniment and social reintegration of the Mondoaltro Foundation. The partnership that carries out the project is composed of three entities: the Onlus Association for Social Mobilization (Associazione per la Mobilitazione Sociale Onlus ), which is the leading institution, the Mondoaltro Foundation and the Public Empowerment Social Cooperative.

The project is located in Sicily, in Agrigento at the headquarter of the Mondoaltro Foundation (Via Barone, 2A – 92100 Agrigento).

The project is co-financed by the Chairmanship of the Council of Ministers – the Department of Youth and the National Civil Service through the public notice “Giovani per il Sociale” concerning the “Notice for the promotion and support of actions aimed at strengthening the social and economic cohesion of the territory of the «Regioni Obiettivo Convergenza», aimed at strengthening the interventions directed at young people for social inclusion and personal growth.”

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