Educational challenge in Lampedusa

Project Info

Client Con il sostegno della Fondazione San Zeno e dell'Associazione MEDeS
Skills Mediazione familiare, educazione, formazione

Project Description

The island of Lampedusa has been under the spotlight for years. A port of hope and a place of profound human drama, it was able, thanks to the human and community resources of the population, to face the tragedies that occurred near its shores, but only by paying a very high price from a social point of view.
The landings of migrants resulted in other types of landings, not as numerous but certainly more impactful on everyday life: those of the hundreds of emergency workers, law enforcement agencies, journalists from all over the world, even curious people attracted by the macabre destiny that the migrants encountered in those places. In fact, it has created a sort of “cultural shock”, particularly among young people, and has made relations between generations more difficult, which was already marked by the historical poverty of the island that has always forced its children to be sent away to colleges or other families to be able to study.
The social hardship now evident in the face of media overexposure expresses its deepest symptom in the youth segment of the population through a fracture between generations and the spread of deviant behavior in young people, especially in adolescence.
The social framework of the island has good resources that can be activated within the group of parents, catechists and teachers, but the fragmentation that characterizes the relationships between these three components means that relationships are not generally based on collaboration. Families and mothers in particular manifest the need to be supported in re-establishing a dialogue with their children and to find a new language with them and new spaces for sharing daily life. The same need, has been manifested separately, by educators, catechists and teachers, who experience the difficulty of weaving formative relationships with young people in a crisis of values and identity.
While experimenting in parallel with the difficulty of the educational task and the frustration of the relationship with adolescents in everyday life, they are not always able to create a common front and to ally with one another instead of attributing responsibility for the problem with the other.
The creation of the project was stimulated by the parish priest of the island, don Mimmo Zambito, who requested external intervention to better integrate his work in the territory on the educational challenge and the relationships between generations.
In response to the need identified in a first feasibility study of the territory, a community mediation project was developed, with the aim of offering a dialogue space for the three components of the educational world (parents, catechists and teachers), as well as the young people themselves, through which to promote collaboration and enhance the community resources of the social fabric of the island.
The project won the “ 2015” prize announced by the MEDeS Association and funded by the San Zeno Onlus Foundation, as a project aimed at improving coexistence, settling conflicts between individuals, groups, and institutions, and promoting specific resources in a certain context, through the practice of relational mediation.

Watch the video documentary made by students of the Institute Omnicomprensivo “L. Pirandello” of Lampedusa.