“Ubuntu Music for Social Equality”

Project Info

Project Description

"Ubuntu Music for Social Equality" is a project started in October 2019 and which will end in May 2020.

The general objective is to encourage social inclusion through creative and non-formal activities, promoting multiculturalism and the development of transversal skills.

Direct recipients:

Young locals and foreigners living in the Agrigento area
The project is funded by ProgettoMondo Movimento Lay America Latin Onlus, as part of the "GlobART 2030: fight inequalities for sustainable development" project

Specific objectives:

Create and strengthen the bond between local and foreign young people living in the Agrigento area;
Increase the awareness of young people about the issues of multiculturality, diversity and social equality;
Provide young people with tools to accept and appreciate cultural diversity rather than reject it;
Develop new creative and interpersonal skills among young people;
Develop new transversal skills in young people.