Young Caritas

Project Description

Designation:               «Young Caritas: Builders of a Better World»
Duration:                     December 2017 – August 2018
General Objective:      create volunteering opportunities in Italy and abroad to improve the knowledge of social and intercultural issues and the ability to design innovative interventions, as well as improve linguistic, social and professional skills.

Direct Target:              a group of 12 young people between 18 and 36 years of age
Partners:                     Diocesan Caritas of Salford (UK)

The project is funded by the Sicilian Region and the Department of Youth and the National Civil Service of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The specific objectives are:
– To facilitate the personal and professional development of each volunteer through direct experiences in the field aimed at acquiring new skills and abilities;
– To foster social innovation and entrepreneurial creativity (of social impact), through the knowledge of good practices in the UK;
– To promote intercultural dialogue in order to improve social cohesion and solidarity through innovative and creative activities;
– To promote the participation of young people in society: participation in the democratic life of Europe, in the labor market, in active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, and solidarity;
– To promote EU values and programs for young people as tools for personal and community development, thus increasing the possibilities for non-formal mobility and education for the territory of Agrigento;
– To strengthen cooperation between organizations in the youth sector and develop new strategic partnerships to develop new innovative projects;
– To integrate political reforms at the local, regional and national levels in the sectors of youth, voluntary work and social innovation;
– To improve communication and dissemination of volunteer values through the creation of a blog on storytelling.

The activities are divided into 4 phases:
1. “Ideas Competition” and a motivational interview to select the group of 12 young people (click here to download the announcement and the attachment);
2. Language training (60 hours) focusing on the world of volunteering, social innovation and Europe;
3. Launch of voluntary activities and training on social innovation and volunteering in Italy (180 hours of volunteering and 40 hours of training).
4. Training course and voluntary work in England (14 days) structured according to non-formal methodologies, with voluntary activities and high-level training on themes of volunteering, human rights, peace and social innovation.