Casa Shelter: a roof for the homeless

It took place on January 20, 2015 the ceremony of blessing of the “Shelter House” for the homeless run by Caritas and Fondazione Mondoaltro Agrigento.

The work of the Church of Agrigento sign destined to homeless people in the area of ​​the diocese aims to ensure a roof and a bed for the night during the cold months of the year to those living in situations of extreme marginality. The property is located in the premises adjacent to the “House of the Clergy” in Via Garibaldi Agrigento and it can accommodate up to 10 people.

The “House of the Clergy”, used as a dwelling by some priests who perform their ministry in the city, opens, then, the poor choice following an appeal by Pope Francis to open the doors of the church structures to achieve proximity services .

“Casa Rifugio” is a service which last year was carried out by Caritas and Fondazione Agrigento Mondoaltro but by December 2014 it was reorganized in the manner and in the spaces. The service provides guests come in the evening at 20.00 and leave the hotel the next morning, after breakfast, at 8.00. At present 5 people are already accepted, both Italian and foreign nationality.

“Last year, several homeless people were guests of the house – said the director of the Center for the Diocese Charity Valerio Landri – and, therefore, we have decided to propose this service to bring some ‘comfort in those suburbs existential They are present on our territory. “

Despite the pastoral action of the diocesan Caritas remain anchored to the logic of human development and accompanying that is constantly turning, for example, in the other hostel, “Rahab House – Social housing” where those admitted are followed step by step in their path reintegration and escape from the need, the analysis of the needs of the area led to the creation of a bridge to respond to emergency situations, especially related to the cold months of the year, in order to evaluate a path accompanying subsequently individualized.

“Now – said Valerio Landri – ask to voluntary associations of the city to work with us and the many volunteers who are already donating their time for the realization of the service, or to perform night work, housekeeping, activities proximity the homeless. We make this appeal because we believe that the networking of the many realities of volunteering in the city can be an added value to this service designed to combat extreme poverty. “

At the “Casa Rifugio” is accessed, as for all services Caritas, always through the Listening Center Diocesan located in the alley Lauricella (Victory Avenue) in Agrigento, opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 at 12.00 and Tuesday and Thursday from 16.00 to 18.00. It ‘a free service for which the Caritas receives no government grants.