From the desert to the garden

Dear friends,
a new Lent is leading us to the most important celebration of the liturgical year, the Paschal Triduum with its load of mystery for the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

Pope Francis, in his message for Lent, reminds us that “the celebration of the Easter Triduum … is a gift of God’s mercy” because it reminds us that the mystery of the redemption of the world is already working in us: trusting in Christ, we are already saved.

This is the time to read again our life in the light of the Gospel, to recognize with honesty and humility what separates us from Happiness and to choose to start over with what that the Pope calls “the healing force of repentance and forgiveness”. Fasting, prayer and almsgiving are the three commitments that Lent puts before us: I like to think that these are three challenges to our habit of devouring things and relationships, our difficulty in looking Upwards, the temptation to accumulate for a future that we feel uncertain.

This, in short, is the time to recover Confidence in God, who is a provident and merciful Father. The Pope invites us to truly believe that repentance and forgiveness are capable of healing our wounded lives and leading us to that Shalom which is fullness of life. This is also my wish for all of us: the fullness of life!

Let us therefore pass from the desert of a life often resigned and “dragged” to the garden of an existence full of colors and perfumes, capable of beauty and full meaning.

On behalf of the Church of Agrigento, I would like to thank you for the service you provide, the time you give, the smiles with which you welcome the poors, the generosity of your witness. You are precious!

It would be nice to meet you all on Sunday 17 March, at Casa della Pace (Racalmuto), on the occasion of the Spiritual Retreat addressed to all the collaborators and volunteers of Caritas Diocesana Agrigento, the Mondoaltro Foundation and the parrochial Caritas. It is an important moment for all of us, because it helps us to grow in the Faith, in Communion and in the awareness of our service. I really hope you can be there.

Thanks again and see you soon.