Let’s help. Let’s continue

With the hastag DIAMOCIUNAMANO, already more than two months ago, we started a challenge that we already imagined to be great but whose contours are still blurred today; uncertain in some ways. This is why it made Caritas and its volunteers not slow down for a moment, and that is why the call for attention to others and solidarity does not cease for a minute. And this is why – again – that the army of masks – as well as smiling was signed – born almost for fun, continues to carry on with its commitment today.
The project
The project was born from the desire, in addition to the need, to adapt the needs of the Caritas Diocesana of Agrigento to the various needs of the hand and hand and was born due to the Covid-19 emergency. One of these was linked to the introduction of the mandatory use of the masks and the difficulty of finding them, especially for those who, although finding them, did not involve the possibility of purchasing them.
So what did we do?
We would have liked to buy them for them but we could not find them either, therefore, there was nothing left but to REALIZE them and we knew that alone there was no possibility of succeeding. So we thought to ask for help from them, to our dear VOLUNTEERS, certify not to be wrong. And we believed that someone would have been enough, instead a real ARMY was created!

What came out of it?

The result went beyond our expectations.

48 volunteers involved
2000 masks produced
1300 masks already donated.

And now?

And now we would like this cycle of solidarity to continue; that the solidarity power that triggered this project would still bear fruit, giving those who want it the opportunity to become an active part of this process, to increase the army of masks by becoming part of it.

To come?

Is simple. The emergency continues and more and more families are resorting to the Diocesan Listening Center as well as to the various parishes throughout the diocese. The requests for economic aid come from that of food aid do not mention a protection and the curve of need – rather – seems increasingly growing. So, it is thought to continue to carry on this project, giving those who wish, the opportunity to throw a small seed, that famous drop that makes up the sea of ​​solidarity, help and attention to others. In short, we thought of transforming the masks into “contagion tools”, of a positive contagion this time, giving them as a gift to those who want to make a small donation. Those who want it, therefore, will have the opportunity to receive it agrees that they will go for a strengthened registered in favor of families in difficulty and as a gift they will receive a mask with the Caritas logo, a symbol of love for their neighbor and perhaps who knows the contaminator of good intentions.

In short, mask your face and – together – give a smile!

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For info write to:
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or call 0922.26405.

In short, choose which smile to give!

ATTENTION: These masks DO NOT REPLACE THE CERTIFIED MEDICAL OFFICERS IN ANY WAY and their use, therefore, must scrupulously follow the WHO indications indicated with the appropriate tools.