#Diamociunamano – The fundraiser of Caritas Diocesana Agrigento

The Church of Agrigento, at the time of COVID19 does not stop. Despite the closure of churches and the suspension of regular activities, there are numerous attentions that parish priests and parish Caritas continue to pay to the most fragile. In compliance with the law, many of the Listening Centers continue to listen to the needs of the people, the volunteers distribute the groceries at home, we take steps to ensure that the elderly and the sick do not feel abandoned. The network of relationships is the winning key: the telephone and neighborhood relations make up for the limitations linked to health prescriptions.

The truth is that our communities are reinventing the way to be close to the poorest and this is the most beautiful face of our Church. There is a strong awareness that fear of a virus that does not look at anyone’s face cannot prevent us from keeping our gaze fixed on those who, precisely because in conditions of absolute poverty, are the most exposed to the risk of the disease.

Caution and closeness can and must walk together, with a “fantasy of charity” which is a sign of creative vitality.

To support, encourage and promote charitable attention in this time of emergency, Caritas Diocesana Agrigento and the Mondoaltro Foundation have continued to operate through:

– the Diocesan Listening Center, which receives upon reservation the most serious, urgent and indifferent situations;

– the evening canteen of the «Locanda di Maria», which offers takeaway meals;

– reception facilities for homeless people; – the interview booking service at the Circondarial House of Agrigento;

– the job orientation service, which today offers telephone consultancy; – “distance” school support.

To meet the needs of parishes engaged in food support, which in this period are in serious difficulty due to the suspension of ordinary pastoral and liturgical activities, Caritas Diocesana Agrigento has made an economic contribution for the purchase of food in favor of Caritas parish churches that requested it.

In support of the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital of Agrigento, from the 8xmille funds destined for the Catholic Church, a donation of € 30,000 was also ordered for the purchase of essential medical devices and equipment. These purchases will be made in agreement with the hospital and the support of experts, so that the entire sum can be spent with criteria of effectiveness, transparency and usefulness.

The Emergency linked to the CoronaVirus is challenging us as individuals and as a Christian community: let us not allow fear to close our hearts! We pay attention, we limit our movements as much as possible and we respect the health regulations, but we find new ways for nobody to feel abandoned in this difficult moment.

To this end – upon the indication of our Archbishop, H. Em. Card. Francesco Montenegro – today we start the #DIAMOCIUNAMANO fundraising campaign – COVID19 emergency to support the Diocese hospitals in the purchase of equipment and medical devices to be allocated to intensive care units. We ask parishes to promote the initiative with the channels they deem most appropriate and effective in this period of particular dispersal of communities.

The campaign is open to all.

The sums can be paid into the accounts: bank account of Banca Intesa S. Paolo in the name of the Archdiocese of Agrigento IBAN: IT 69 Y 03069 09606 100000006841 Reason: #DIAMOCIUNAMANO – Emergency COVID19 (NAME AND SURNAME OR SOCIAL REASON OF THE DONOR)

Campaign #DIAMOCIUNAMANO – Emergency COVID19