Become a Volunteer

Whoever wants to be great among you will be your servant” (Mc 10, 43).

Make good use of the various gifts of God: put to the service of others the particular grace you have received” (1 Pt 4,10).

Being a volunteer of the Diocesan Caritas means believing in all those values that stand behind the symbol that distinguishes us, putting your time and energy to the service of others with others. Being a Caritas volunteer is not a simple life choice, it is a vocation to serve of the poorest and needest.

It means putting to good use the talents that have been given to us to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people, whoever they are, and being aware that, for as much as what we do may seem little to us, we are making a difference. Volunteers represent an extremely important resource for the Diocesan Caritas and the Mondoaltro Foundation. Contact us and find out what you can do with us.