Educating to the web

It will be held on Thursday, 15 October at 17.30 at the institute “V. Brancati “Favara the second meeting for parents on education and health of young people on the merits of the” INSIDE “. The theme will be “Educating the web” and through non-formal methods will try to make participants think about what are the risks but also the potential of this communication tool. Young people’s health is an important element of the health strategy, and it is the “youth” of the key stage of life in which the decision-making process on their lifestyle has a huge impact on one’s health. The “INSIDE” was launched in April in Favara (AG) on the merits of the Notice to the public presentation of projects aimed at the prevention of the use of alcohol, smoking and new pathological addictions of the Department of Family and Social Policies of the Sicilian Region. This project intends to adopt and implement innovative tools to enhance the skills and spirit of initiative of young people to be leaders in promoting their health understood as physical, psychological and social and, consequently, against the use of substances or behaviors They can degenerate into dependency. The initiative that will last for a year is carried out by the Institute Comprehensive “V. Brancati “Favara, Foundation Mondoaltro non-profit organization, operating arm of Caritas of Agrigento, and the Association for Social Mobilization non-profit organization. The project involves students of the institute including “V. Brancati “, their parents, teachers and indirectly the whole community. The “heart” of the lab will be designed with a group of peer educators (peer educators): 30 young students that just in recent weeks have been identified by their classes through meetings led by traders.