Educating to Mondiality: Peace Factories started again

Peacemakers born or made? The Caritas of Agrigento asks young people and proposes the factories of peace, to train citizens of the world.

The goal is to educate to globalization,thinking that peace needs everyone’s contribution. Pope Francis says: If we can find coincidence points in the midst of so many differences, in this artisan and sometimes tiring commitment to build bridges, to build a peace that is good for everyone, this is the miracle of the culture of encounter that young people can have the courage to live with passion “. (CV 169)

Recipients of the course are therefore mainly young people,  and also all those who carry out an educational service with young people: catechists, teachers, pastoral workers and leaders of groups and youth movements. The intent is to offer our territory opportunities for reflection and discussion on the issues of globalization and peace education.

In an international situation still dominated by wars and conflicts, the construction of peace cannot be seen as a distant, almost utopian ideal, but as something concretely achievable in everyday life, in the logic of small steps. Creating a free space for discussion on what is happening in the world is the first step to start promoting a culture of peace, starting from interpersonal relationships.

The course is divided into three training modules relating to very current issues: legality and active citizenship, protection of creation, critical consumption and ethical finance.

The interactive laboratories last 2 hours each and are presented with active methodologies and languages suitable for the youth world: videos, group dynamics, expressive activities, role-playing games. These methods make the participants protagonists of their own growth path, stimulating in them the development of a critical sense and an active participation in social life. You can register for the whole course or for individual modules, as a group or as individuals.