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60% Donated/€4,000 To Go
Alphonce is the first of three siblings and led the normal life of an African child up to the age...
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ASupport projects of Caritas and Fondazione Agrigento Mondoaltro and choose your preferred mode. If you would like your donation is...
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Future is a word that not everyone can afford, but every little gesture wisely directed can help to give meaning to the tomorrow of many who struggle to survive today.
Support the projects of the Diocesan Caritas of Agrigento and the Mondoaltro Foundation and in the way that you prefer. If you want your donation to be destined for a particular project, it is important that you indicate the specific name of the project when you make your donation.

You can donate using your PayPal account or your debit / credit card by clicking “Donate now” or you can use the following methods:

bank transfer to Banca Prossima made payable to the Diocesi di Agrigento
IBAN: IT 09 C 03359 01600 100000006841
Reason for payment: Donazione a Caritas Diocesana Agrigento

• Check payable to: Arcidiocesi di Agrigento to be sent in a sealed envelope to:

Caritas Diocesana Agrigento via Duomo, 96 – 92100 Agrigento, attaching some information about you so that we can send you our thanks and the receipt of the donation.
• bank transfer to Banco di Credito Cooperativo Agrigentino payable to:
Fondazione Mondoaltro – IBAN: IT 30 C 07108 16600 000000001459
Reason for payment: Erogazione liberale
– Check payable to: «Fondazione Mondoaltro» could be sent in a sealed envelope to:

Fondazione Mondoaltro via Duomo, 96 – 92100 Agrigento, attaching your information so that we send you our thanks and the receipt of the donation.

Every donation to the Mondoaltro Foundation ONLUS is tax-deductible.

Therefore, we invite donors to send an e-mail to indicating their name, surname and contact details, so that we may send our thanks and a receipt of the deductible donation. If instead you want to choose a specific project, we invite you to consult the list of open causes to be supported at the following link.

For further information, please contact the following e-mail addresses: – or call the following phone numbers: +39.0922.490043 or +39.0922.26905