Do it too …

“What we do is only a drop in the ocean, but if there were not that drop, the ocean would be missing” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Caritas Diocesana Agrigento, thanks to the help of volunteers, operates in various areas. Well integrated into the social fabric of Agrigento, it promotes numerous initiatives aimed at giving concrete answers to the most varied needs and aims at promoting cultural and relational growth initiatives.

In particular, Caritas Diocesana Agrigento – through its operational arm, the Mondoaltro Foundation – works in support of the most vulnerable: listening, accompaniment and assistance of the poor, accompaniment and assistance inmates, orientation in the active search for work, welcome and accompaniment to people with housing difficulties and inmates near the end of sentence, recreational and educational activities for children and the disabled, school support for elementary and middle school children, canteen and showers, workshops for those entering the world of work, creative workshops for children, European voluntary service, training activities on active citizenship issues.

In the silence of an increasingly difficult everyday life to do, he does so much and that is why he needs more arms and more hearts; that’s why, in short, it needs you too.

Lending a hand is not difficult and is not asked for more than everyone is willing to give. Furthermore, those who intend to operate in one or more services are offered adequate training and tutoring for operators and shift managers. What is expected is “only” the awareness of representing an important part of an increasingly beautiful and demanding puzzle; it is for this reason that constancy is requested to guarantee presence in each service that can give real continuity to the proposed actions. The hourly commitment is established in reference to the needs of the specific service.

Following an interview with the referents, the choice of inclusion in the individual services will be determined on the basis of the characteristics and skills of the candidate as well as the availability of time offered by the same.

To become part of the already rich network of volunteers, simply write to or call 0922-26905 and want to make your time, skills and – why not? Available to others available. – also the desire to experiment with new skills.

It’s possible to make your own contribution, do it too. If you want to know more about our activities, visit the other pages of the site.