Training to counseling centers

Listen to a person who lives a difficult situation is a complex experience that requires deep balance and a constant monitoring exercise on himself.
In this sense, the training becomes an essential tool to strengthen the motivation and knowledge of operators, paying attention to the changing social and personal life.
For these reasons, every volunteer, before the service and during the same, is called to live an experience of formation.

This year the Counselling Centre offers Diocesan volunteers of Caritas parish meetings and motivational training regarding the identity and method of listening center Caritas.

The training course is organized in two stages.
First stop: the meetings will be held on 10-17-24 February and 3 March. The topics covered in the modules are: introduction to the activity of the counseling center, the method of listening Caritas, the setting and the relationship of listening.

All meetings will be held from 18.00 to 20.00 at the Counselling Centre Diocesan located in Vicolo Lauricella 7 (cross the avenue of Victory) to Agrigento.

For more information and registration contact or 0922/490043