Cariting 2018-2019 – Permanent training course for operators of Listening Centers

The training proposals to cure the growth of the operators and volunteers of the Diocese continue.

The second of the three meetings of the permanent training course for operators of the Listening Centers and parochial Caritas is scheduled for April 1 from 16.30 to 18.15 in Canicattì in the parish of S. Diego (premises of the vocationist Sisters). The theme of the meeting will be the “home”, not intended solely and exclusively as a building but as a set of affections, situations, conditions that allow each man to live his daily life in serenity to better develop his skills. There will also be some experiences of housing accompaniment and the difficulties that arise when the house is “missing”.

It will be an opportunity for operators to reflect on our way of accompanying and supporting families who live in housing difficulties and better understand the housing first model, which places the condition of the house first for a process of regaining their autonomy in everyone. the other contexts (work, social, health …).

The next scheduled date of the training program is May 20, 2019 on the issue of household over-indebtedness.