Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

by Simona Vella Memory is an exercise in constancy that trains the ability to distinguish the signs and reach – with each of them – a familiarity that makes them customary, usual, habitual, evocative at every request. A precise “thing”, unequivocal in short, as “unequivocal” is the meaning of what happened on January 27, 1945, when a “death march” drew the clear contours of what were nothing but inhuman and repugnant deeds. Remembering that day represents the need to define – unquestionably – the stereotype of the massacre, so that in the imagination of any individual, the shredding of human dignity can only represent the figuration of the inhuman.

It is for this reason, therefore, that this year too we are preparing for that day with a series of initiatives aimed at “being there” and at soliciting consciences for a renewed and constant reflection; this is why, through a journey in various stages that will lead to 27 with a set of comparisons between teachers and students of the Liceo Politi in Agrigento, the IIS E. Fermi of Licata and the IISS Mother Teresa of Calcutta of Casteltermini, young people from various ages and representatives of various associations will train their consciences not to erase.

Furthermore, on January 25th, a moment of meeting with a special guest, Nando Tagliacozzo, will be held on Zoom, whose family history is linked to the historical facts of the roundup of the ghetto of Rome (October 16, 1943). During the virtual meeting, students will have the opportunity to hear the story of his story but also the testimonies of other young people like them, the boys of the GrEM (Global Education Group) who in past years have lived the experience of the Journeys of Memory .

The “memory” is the result of many memories that cross, meet, confront each other, sometimes finding points of convergence or conflict. And that’s why it becomes so much more than the facts themselves. It reconstructs the past but also indicates the intentions of the one who remembers and of the one who – remembering – wants, as in this case, that what he remembers never happens again.