Youth and entrepreneurship

Identify paths of social innovation and entrepreneurship for the territory of Agrigento. With these objectives took place, on 10 January, a design workshop held by Jonnhy Dotti attended by 22 young professionals from throughout the diocese.

Johnny Dotti, a leading expert on innovation and social entrepreneurship in Italy and Europe, is also a university professor. Among his most important experiences he remembers who was the founder of the Network CGM and Welfare Italian company that has developed innovative health clinics.

The workshop, organized by Caritas and Fondazione Mondoaltro Agrigento, strongly backed by Msgr. Francesco Montenegro, Archbishop of Agrigento, who attended the meeting, stems from the analysis of the context of the diocese characterized by the inability to develop cooperative projects and change the status quo of the paradigms of social, cultural and institutional building open communities of young people.
Because of this complex background and the lack of real opportunities, in recent years, many young people have decided to leave the territory of the diocese to seek job opportunities in Northern Italy or abroad.
For this reason Msgr. Montenegro has decided to launch this participatory process, with the free advice of Johnny Dotti, to identify processes and innovative projects for initiating concrete business experiences that can serve as an example and lever of change for the territory.

The workshop, which was held at the Institute Hub Granada, home of the Foundation Mondoaltro, operational arm of Caritas of Agrigento, with other meetings will continue over the next 12 months, with the hope of arriving at the creation of a concrete gesture of innovation and social entrepreneurship.