It’s not just about migrants – GMM 2019

The World Migrant and Refugee Day, which was celebrated in January, will be celebrated on September 29th.

The Holy Father sent a special message, entitled “It is not just about migrants”, to invite us to reflect on our weaknesses and invite us to make sure that no one remains excluded from society, that he is a long-term resident citizen, or a newcomer.

The solicitations offered by current events and the breadth of reflection offered by Pope Francis will be an opportunity for the whole church, for our diocesan church and, in concrete terms, for every parish community and anyone who wishes to:

to grow in sensitivity towards the various categories of vulnerable people on the move,
pray for the challenges they pose to us,
increase awareness of the opportunities offered by migration.
We have collected the material made available by the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Pontifical Council for integral human promotion, to bring it to the attention of every Christian, of every parish Caritas because it poses to be useful for the animation of the community, to try to place the attention to this reality that challenges our time, our humanity and our faith so deeply, in preparation for or starting from World Day.

From Monday 23 September, every day we take the invitation to reflect on a part of the message, also with the help of good practices, recommended films and texts (available at the Documentation and Resources Center on Interculture in via Orfane 16, Agrigento, tel. 0922 26905) which can be useful for personal study, a proposal for reflection to the group or the parish.

A path to help us, to overcome, all together, fear with hope!

1 day – Monday 23 September: It’s not just about migrants: it’s also about our fears.

2nd day – Tuesday 24th September: It’s not just about migrants: it’s about charity.

Day 3 – Wednesday, September 25: It’s not just about migrants: it’s about our humanity.

4th day – Thursday 26th September: It’s not just about migrants: it’s about not excluding anyone.

Day 5 – Friday September 27th: It’s not just about migrants: it’s about putting the last ones first.

Day 6 – Saturday September 28th: ​​It’s not just about migrants: it’s about the whole person, all the people

7th day – Sunday 29th September: It’s not just about migrants: it’s about building the city of God and man