I Care

“I Care” was born from the desire to accompany families and pastoral workers in the rediscovery of relationships and the pleasure of proximity, in the conviction that “together” it is possible to animate the territory, inviting it to care and attention towards those who have it. need.

The modality is “sharing”, especially that of a part of one’s life path, the most important. The goal is the overall “taking charge”, which can take into account the initial needs yes, but also those “in progress”, gradually calibrating and evaluating the actions taken.

The project saw the setting up of training meetings for parish operators and tutors, during which the guidelines and tools to be used to optimize the accompaniment were presented which, together with periodic interviews and home visits, entered to be part of the modus operandi of the Listening Centers involved.

In the proposed path, it was important first of all to start from the condition of the person, that is, the setting of realistic, gradual, verifiable objectives. Furthermore, the parish Caritas had to orient themselves even more deeply towards the knowledge of the person, collaborate with local services and resources, sharing technical and relational skills, also foresee moments of verification in order to give all participants the possibility of proposing course adjustments, corrections, additions.

10 families were identified and accompanied by 9 different parish Caritas and as many families. All the tools used were shared with the families involved, so that both the tutors and the beneficiaries could gradually agree on the best practices to be implemented and the objectives to be pursued, in order to arrive at an ongoing and final evaluation of the shared as much as possible between the parties.

The results were satisfactory. 10 families were accompanied, 11 parish Caritas were involved, 10 family tutors were identified and about 30 volunteers were activated. Furthermore, 70 school students and 40 after-school children were met, 2 municipalities were visited and 2 city Caritas were involved.