pieghev_microcredtio-01Microcredit is a loan for families and businesses that, despite finding themselves in need, have a minimum economic capacity to repay in small monthly payments. These are bank loans that imply the absence of previous problems on the part of the applicant (outstanding payments, reports to the CRIF, etc.) and that he/she is in possession of some guarantee for the repayment of the loan to the banks (a paycheck, pension or other official income).
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Multiplier food
raccolta ottobre 2015The “food multiplier” project consists in the recognition of extraordinary financial support for the purchase of foodstuffs at the Parochial Caritas Listening Centers. The project’s objective, in addition to responding to the needs of the poor for food, has been to reward parishes that have virtuously equipped themselves with a Caritas Listening Center according to diocesan guidelines, and have already urged their communities to respond to the food needs of their poor and have constantly participated in the training meetings proposed at the diocesan level.

PANE IN ATTESA –  The Bread waiting
pane in attesaAn extra coin left to the baker can be a small but important gesture to allow families in need to have bread to put on the table.
This is why, starting from the initiatives launched in other dioceses, we have created the “Pane in attesa” proposal. It is a matter of putting in place a simple mechanism, which consists in leaving an offer at the bakery (of a few cents or even one euro) in a box. The money will be kept aside and, when people in difficulty present a special card provided by the parish Caritas, the baker will prepare a bag with half a kilo of bread (two quarters, or five sandwiches), collecting the sum from the container with the offers.