My suitcase full of smiles

We publish the testimony of Selene Cimò, voluntary EVS, Eramsus + program in the Czech Republic.

Usually at the end of all my experience I try to draw conclusions from what has been, what I’ve experienced, but most of that is left and what I carry with me in my life experience.

Surely I leave a part of my heart, because with each passing month I learned to love these places and people that have been part of my life for a year. I leave definitely a second family, made up of colleagues, friends, and especially made for children … my children!

But of course for me the most important thing is what I carry … and I can not load my luggage life of a wonderful experience, that only those who have lived and shared with me can understand.
I carry the discovery of new cultures, every moment spent with each person I met, I carry the homesick, because I am convinced that when I return home I will have nostalgia for what for me has been my home for a year. I bring smiles, hugs true that I received, I carry the screams of Roma children and the silence of the Czech guys.

It was a year of ups and made descents, initially started a bit ‘on the wrong foot, but which later proved to be a wonderful trail, marked at times by cries of joy and sadness, but that made me grow and mature .

Eventually you thanks forever … and then I thank my sending organization, the Foundation Mondoaltro, operational arm of Caritas of Agrigento, which gave me confidence and allowed me to live this great experience, and of course I thank the organization my host, Caritas Ostrava-Opava, which has made possible this year volunteer making me feel at home even in kilometers away. And thanks to Eramsus + program that allowed me to live this experience of the European Voluntary Service.

This is the Europe that has changed my life!

Selene Cimò