“Angelica’s days”

In this difficult period, the volunteers – Joana, Sara and Georgia- of the European volunteer of the Mondoaltro Foundation, operating arm of the Diocesan Caritas of Agrigento, thought of making a small gift for the children who are finding themselves living this strange experience, far away from school, from friends and from their daily lives.

Thus was born ‘Angelica’s days’ a small collection of graphic illustrations accompanied by some texts in English that tell the story of little Angelica’s days in this period. They are shots of bored and worried days that, however, the children have always filled with their smiles … In fact, Angelica could be every child … who in this period has found himself asking his parents so many times why he stayed home for so long time … for this reason … right now … we want to know Carlo, Sane, Martina, Wollie, Giuseppe, Maria, Mohamed and all the others as they are living these new days … and above all, they are coloring them with smiles!

The graphic paintings are deliberately in black and white because you can download them and have your children color them.

Download the fairytale Angelica’s days here