Europe is fully closed in me

“I wonder who I am and what I have become after a few months of living in the Czech Republic. The answer is simple but complex at the same time: they are an Italian who speaks English, German music listening, ordering a beer in Czech, as a romantic French, full of life as a Spanish and smiling like an African.
I like to think that Europe is fully closed in me and that every day when I go to sleep are always a different person than the one who woke up in the morning. They ‘a continuous change that fails to have an explanation, simply have little moments that mark your day.
They are everything and nothing: all because I am a volcano of sensations and emotions, an explosion of life that you will enjoy a wonderful experience; anything because they are just a drop in the ocean surrounded.
Sometimes I have the impression of being a spectator in a theater watching the daily lives of people on the street, maybe when I’m at the bus stop, I enjoy watching the world go by in front of me, young mothers leading to excursions with their children, the people running to go to work, others who go to the grocery store. Other times I feel part of that script, because I too have my little space in this society, other times I feel even the protagonist, ready to put into practice my macaroni Czech, making a thousand questions, to know new places, new lifestyles very different from mine that I slowly changing.
More days pass, the more I realize that these esperieze should be experienced by every single young to realize how wonderful it is to get involved, learn about the world and to eliminate prejudice and strereotipi that we do in our mind, in our small town, or sometimes just by listening to the “useless” information flooding us from the media.
The world is beautiful because it is different, and I am proud to have had the opportunity to know another part. ”

Selene Cimò
Volunteer who is doing the EVS Caritas in Ostrava (Czech Republic) on the merits of the Erasmus + European Commission managed by the National Agency for Youth