I am Europe

by Lorena Scalzo

“Europe is me” shows the young face of our Diocese, a face that is an expression of a European identity. Created by the Mondoaltro Foundation, the operating arm of Caritas Diocesana Agrigento, in collaboration with Caritas Italiana and with the free patronage of the ‘Giuseppe Toniolo’ Institute of International Law and Peace, the video was produced by Lab24 Creative Studio.

Some young people were involved in the making of the video, who took the opportunity to enhance their talents, their passions or simply a lived experience: so many pieces of the changing and composite face of today’s Europe that they already they represent in their daily commitment. Telling from the bottom a new European identity has allowed us to raise awareness of the context towards a new awareness of being an integral part of Europe because often in our territory this clashes with the real perception that young people have of the EU: a distant superstructure of which it is only a formally and not substantially part.

Leveraging these stories, strengthened by our pedagogical function, wants to be a tool to tell young people about the local fabric that each in their own small way creates and builds a better Europe.

The young people involved in making the video are:

Marialuce Agrò, 27 years old, from Racalmuto who guides us in the video to discover the talents of the other young people; Nicola Madonia, 25 years old from Cammarata – cartoonist; Sibora, Daniel, Ana and Maria, European volunteers from the Mondoaltro Foundation; Laura Russello, 25 years old, Agrigento, Hairstylist; Domenico Russotto, 21 years old, San Giovanni Gemini, former European volunteer; Abdelah Daoudi, 19 years old, Agrigento, footballer; Giuseppe Pullara, 25 years old, Favara, dancer; Noemi Lupo, 25 years old, Agrigento, violinist.