Locanda di Maria – Three years after the inauguration

The Locanda di Maria was born three years ago, a sign of the Jubilee of Mercy, commissioned by Archbishop Francesco Montenegro and supported by the pastoral unit “Mater Misericordie”.

Managed by the operators and volunteers of the Mondoaltro Foundation, the evening canteen of the Caritas Diocesana Agrigento, today has an intense and continuous activity that during the year sees the succession of about 25 stable volunteers and on average 50 occasional volunteers serving from 6000 to 7000 meals a year.

The request for a hot meal is accompanied by the desire to find in it, a stable reference point where to go even several hours in advance in order to breathe the air that now knows at home; a house that can restore to each of the guests that warmth that one’s own doesn’t know or can’t give. Meals are simple. In winter some more soup, possibly with fresh vegetables donated by the “Campagna Amica” market and in summer cold meals that can maintain the flavor and nutritional values ​​of the food, always chosen with great care. You cook like at home; the attention to shopping is as great, as is the dedication of operators and volunteers who never hesitate to put in service that they do the same passion as always.

The Locanda di Maria, in addition to the canteen, also consists of a simple and beautiful reception area. Furnished with new furniture and equipped with all comforts, in these three years the inn has welcomed about 20 people; young mothers with their children, victims of difficult family situations, people who escaped from long and cumbersome judicial paths who needed a second chance to leave or migrants with particular psychic conditions who needed special attention. In short, three years of experience, growth and solidarity at the service of others. Wishes! Editorial board