Migramed meeting

No outsourcing of camps in countries unable to protect the rights. Yes to share redistribution provided credible. Yes to effective programs of resettlement. And especially so in legal channels of entry, only real tool to save lives from the sea and the desert. Are four points behind the platform to effectively address the human and the emergency, written by Caritas of the countries of origin and transit in the edition 2015 of Migramed Meeting.
The annual meeting with the Italian Caritas Caritas Europe and the Mediterranean basin was held in Tunis June 15 to 18 and was titled “We are servants of the hope for a new spring.”
Close to the World Refugee Day and after the heartfelt plea of ​​Pope Francis is the answer to those who are committed every day on the territory of a closure policy that sees the announcement of new walls in Europe and a European agenda-free vision and foresight.

Wide program of work days that have seen more than 100 participants from nearly 30 diocesan Caritas and Caritas fifteen European and Mediterranean countries, including many that are part of the “Working Group on International Protection” of Caritas Europe, chaired by Italian Caritas. Among the topics discussed, in light of recent reports, include: the effects of the “Arab Springs” on European and Mediterranean society, the role of the national Caritas in the reception of migrants and that of the Church in Mediterranean countries.