Migrants, handbook of the CEI for hosting

Dioceses and parishes, families and religious communities welcome in about 1,600 facilities more than 22 thousand of the 95 thousand migrants in Italy. Although it has always been “at the forefront”, the Italian Church wants to do more to “expand the network of welcoming the Church in favor of asylum seekers and refugees who arrive in our country, in respect of this legislation and in collaboration with the institutions “. It does this through a Handbook, approved by the Permanent Council of the CEI, who wants to respond to the appeal launched by the Pope In the reflection of the 6 September.

The starting point: the awareness that the Church is not a “subject direct” assistance, or “collateral” State action for migrants. Parishes, families, religious communities, sanctuaries and monasteries will be able for the Jubilee “rediscover the relevance of spiritual and corporal works of mercy,” winning “the barrier of indifference.”

Following the invitation by the Holy Father, on Sept. 6, 2015, “to the parishes, religious communities, the monasteries and shrines throughout Europe to express the reality of the Gospel and accommodate a family of refugees,” even in our archdiocese we are recorded some offers of willingness to accept, but even simple requests for information and clarification.

Our Caritas has therefore prepared a list of the availability, in the expectation that the CEI would define the information necessary to put into practice the invitation of the Holy Father. The handbook was eventually published and offered as a common guide.

First the handbook is highlighted the close link between the emergency proposal by the continuous inflow of migrants in search of warmth and openness of the special Jubilee of mercy. The reference to the works of mercy invites the community to make concrete choices of practical charity: willing to accept the migrant can and should be one of them.