Walls and Borders – WORLD REFUGEES DAY 2020

We are at the 5th edition of “Walls and Borders”, a review born as an opportunity to understand what it means for us to live at the frontier, what task history is entrusting us with: “What does God want to tell us” – to use the words of our Bishop Francesco Montenegro – “through these people who knock on our door, the door of Europe? What story do you want to write with us today? “.

This question has found further answers every time, in dialogue with the historical moment we were experiencing. Answers that have made choices, new steps, shared pieces of road, friendship that broadens the welcome. The moment we are experiencing today is marked by COVID-19, which has distorted the lives of everyone, including that of migrants, and has affected migration policies and the reception system. We are trying new “normal” steps and we take the opportunity to come back to meet. We take advantage of it immediately!

Knowing that meeting is also an art to be learned again. We have the opportunity to spend an evening together but with a responsibility that asks us for precautions to protect others and sets us limits … We too, while not giving up meeting, have accepted the limit of reducing to just one evening a review to always designed in three stages. One evening, not surprisingly on June 19, the eve of World Refugee Day, to celebrate those who, even before us, the gift of life has learned not to take it for granted and to protect it.

The area of ​​migration and integration of diocesan Caritas, the John Belushi Circle, the Mediamondo association, the ANOLF of Agrigento, travel daily in different ways, shared roads with those arriving from other lands and this year, once more , we want to celebrate the path taken together with many, and open ourselves to the future that calls us to walk even more united and interdependent.

The program of the evening includes the screening of the film “THE MILKY WAY. Nobody saves on their own “: during the day, the mountains between Clavière and Montgenèvre are crossed by thousands of skiers on holiday in the snow in the” La Via Lattea “ski area; at night, dozens of migrants leave Italy to secretly go through the woods to continue their journey beyond the border with France. “The Milky Way” is the story of solidarity of the inhabitants and the dangers faced by migrants, told through glimpses of life and animated graphic novels against the backdrop of the mountain world in the awareness that – here as at sea – no one is saved alone. During the evening the producer of the film will be with us and, at the end of the screening, we will be able to dialogue with him and with the director, connected live.

The evening is organized according to the safety instructions established by the protocol for film screenings: disinfectants will be available at the entrance, you will enter with a mask, the places will be at a safe distance and, therefore, limited.

We invite you to book your participation through the Caritas Agrigento Facebook page or by sending an email to the address: aaprigliano@caritasagrigento.it, specifying name, surname and a telephone number. It is recommended to show up at the entrance of San Domenico 3 climb at least 15 minutes before the screening: at 9:00 pm, with the start of the film, the door will be closed.