New emergency Syria

Winds of war are upsetting again Syria, a land already battered by eight years of conflict. On 8 October, Turkey launched a violent military attack in the Syrian territories of the north-east, an area that was mainly controlled by Kurdish forces. The attack, announced for months, has now materialized in all its violence. Another violation of international law is now consumed, getting worse the situation on the northern border of the country, already under attack since April 2019 for the Syrian government’s military operations in the Idlib territories, with the support of Russia.

For 9 long years Syria has already been upset by a serious humanitarian emergency: 80% of the population is in a state of poverty and more than 11 million people need humanitarian assistance, more than a million are established in the northern-east territories, now hit by Turkey.

The military intervention is also triggering the forced migration of over 150,000 civilians, trapped in this border area. The number of displaced persons is destined to grow rapidly if the war operations will continue. According to the UN estimates there are further potential 450,000 fleeing people that would add up to over 11 million, including internally displaced persons and refugees in other countries. And unfortunately, as always happens, the main victims of the emergency are the last, the most vulnerable: children, women, the elderly and the disabled.

The whole Caritas network immediately activated to support the affected populations and the thousands of displaced fleeing people. Caritas Syria, with the support of several national Caritas organizations including Caritas Italiana, is already setting up reception centers for displaced people who are converging in the Hassake area.

A humanitarian intervention that does not come just now: for years, the Caritas network has been constantly present in the Syrian territories with humanitarian assistance, psychosocial support, health, to support human dignity.

Even Caritas Italian, in all these years, has been close to the Syrian populations and, thanks to the contribution of many bidders and the 8xmille given to the Catholic Church, has been able to support dozens of projects in the countries affected by the humanitarian crisis, for a total amount of over 7.2 million euros.


Now more than ever, we need the solidarity of all. Anyone wishing to support the interventions of Italian Caritas (Via Aurelia 796 – 00165 Rome) can do it through the postal current account n. 347013, or by bank transfer (causale “Emergenza Siria”) headed to:

·       Banca Popolare Etica, via Parigi 17, Roma –Iban: IT24 C050 1803 2000 0001 3331 111

·       Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Fil. Accentrata Ter S, Roma – Iban: IT66 W030 6909 6061 0000 0012 474

·       Banco Posta, viale Europa 175, Roma – Iban: IT91 P076 0103 2000 0000 0347 013

·       UniCredit, via Taranto 49, Roma – Iban: IT 88 U 02008 05206 000011063119