“Beyond the sea” it is …

Beyond the sea …
… Is the scent of jasmine,
… Is the spicy flavor and spicy,
… It is a good mint tea,
… I hear the five daily calls to prayer.

Means go further, head to a distant land, but not too much, lengthen the look above the walls that we build around us, out of fear, ignorance, prejudice.
It means wearing another pair of glasses to see the world.
And ‘move a step, only one, small, minimum towards the opposite direction, one that would avoid the most, the one compromised by discrimination and partial information from the media.
Beyond the sea is walking towards each other, which is first and foremost a person, beyond his religious beliefs … but we call it in front of our God we are all equal and brothers.

Beyond the sea …
… Is to see women who are denied the femininity and dignity: even their hands are hidden from the eyes of others, as if he wanted to deny any contact, meet, touch, caress;
… You live your spirituality subtly, without too much fuss or visibility;
… I do not feel any touch of bells, not see neither crucified nor nuns wearing veils;
… It is to believe in the acceptance of diversity seeing a Christian school attended by Muslim children;
… Is take by the hand those children, let kissing and hugging the girls … they, they, intelligent creatures to be the future of this country;
… You know what was the Jasmine Revolution and still see the signs, materials and not;
… You know a bit of the world on tiptoe and with the utmost tolerance, openness and humility;
… Is set aside criticism and break down those walls of selfishness and superiority behind which we hide.

Beyond the sea is going … responsibly and authentically …
… Is to try to capture the live of these people, being on this side of the sea, where everything is uncertain and imagine what it might be beyond the shore …

Beyond the sea is … Tunisia is living hope … and much more …

Roberta Gallo
Caritas volunteer who was in the field of volunteering and training in Tunisia in August 2014