The FABER project, with its sewing course, reopens its doors.

The result of careful observation in the area and reducing the successes of previous editions, the Faber Project restarts with the Sewing Course and reopens the enrollments. The goal is always the same: to give participants those extra skills to spend in their territory. The result of the daily activity of the “Granata Corner” – Socio-Work Guidance Desk of the Mondoaltro Foundation, it will continue to promote mini courses capable of giving an opportunity for professional growth to those who cannot count on certified skills.

The Faber project – co-financed with the 8xmille funds of Caritas Italiana and Caritas Diocesana Agrigento – has been trying for years to help NEETs and people who have lost their jobs, to find hope again and increase self-awareness and their skills.

The participation of subjects of different ages and geographical origins also contributes to increasing a broad education, but above all a training that enhances the “other” by triggering the social change that is so much needed.

The watchword is “re-create”; it starts from what you have and gives new life to what seemed forgotten and out of fashion, in an ecological and re-use perspective. In fact, the worked fabrics will also be obtained from clothing, coming from the Caritas Diocesana Agrigento warehouse.

The laboratory expert will be supported by three volunteers, passionate about sewing and embroidery, who will take care of the tutoring action of the participants during the lessons and exercises.

At the end of the theoretical-practical path, which will last about 2 months, thanks to the agreement protocol with the Agrigento Employment Center, it will be possible to activate a training internship, to strengthen the skills acquired in the workplace.

For more information, both to participate as trainees, and as companies to welcome the next trainees to your business, you can contact the Mondoaltro Foundation, operating arm of Caritas Diocesana Agrigento at 0922-26905 or write to corner@caritasagrigento.it)