Proposals prayers for the Synod

The Synod on the Family is a grace period for all of us. In it the whole Church will listen the Spirit of God to discern on very sensitive topics that concern every man. In the light of the Gospel and Catholic teaching bimillennium we will question the identity of the Christian family and the challenges it is facing.

Our Archbishop was called by the Holy Father to participate in the work and will ideally on that occasion the families of our diocese, especially those who at this time are more fragile and in crisis, but also those who have accepted the invitation to evangelical ‘ reception of the poor and marginalized.

We, too, pastoral workers of this Church, we want to do our part, accompanying the work of the Synod of the next few weeks with the prayer. So we invite you all to take a few minutes of your day to a shared prayer with your family: a small gesture to commune with the whole universal Church and grow in the exercise of family prayer.

Download the proposal of of the Centre for Charity or watch the suggestions of the Diocesan Liturgical Office.