Food collection June 8, 2019: the numbers

The Extraordinary Diocesan Collection sponsored by Caritas Diocesana Agrigento was held on 8 June last in support of the parish Caritas.

Once again, thanks to the volunteers of the parishes, the Collection was an opportunity to promote the services of the existing parish Caritas, and to involve the customers of the supermarkets, each according to their possibilities, in supporting the poverty existing on their territory.

Food support constitutes only a small part of the accompanying action that parish communities carry out towards the poorest, which is expressed in human and spiritual support for the integral human promotion of the person. Parochial Caritas have precisely this task: to animate the whole community to charity so that everyone feels involved in this action.

Here are the numbers that can give an idea of the human resources involved and the products donated: 8 the parishes involved (3 in Agrigento, 3 in Favara, 1 in Porto Empedocle and 1 in Sciacca), 40 volunteers who actually carried out the collection during the day, 12 supermarkets joined, 5,136 pieces collected (1,630 kg of pasta / rice, 880 packets of tomato / peeled tomato sauce, 650 lt of milk, 320 pieces of various canned food, 1,025 products for children, 330 pieces of hygiene products).

Our deepest gratitude goes to the parishes involved, the volunteers and those who have contributed to the support of the parish Caritas in their task of accompanying families in difficulty.