Amazing collection in the diocese

The number of people in absolute poverty has risen from 3.1% to 6.8% of the total since 2007, the last year before the crisis.
8 million people in Italy suffer from food poverty and people living through food parcels or free meals at soup kitchens are more than 4 million, of which over 400,000 are children less than 5 years.
Faced with this situation of need is an urgent need to provide something of themselves to help those in need.

So, after the first edition of 6 and 13 June which saw the commitment of 11 Caritas Parish (Agrigento Porto Empedocle, Raffadali, Sciacca and San Giovanni Gemini) and more than 100 volunteers who played the gathering in 36 supermarkets, Saturday October 3 returns the amazing collection.

The parish Caritas Archdiocese of Agrigento through the coordination of Caritas daily will do next to families and individuals who live in situations of serious marginalization and to meet a growing demand for basic necessities has decided to propose a new collection extraordinary.

Saturday, Oct. 3, in fact, some supermarkets in the province of Agrigento participating in the initiative, will be able to buy and donate shelf-stable foods and hygiene products to the parish Caritas to support local initiatives to counter poverty and support for families in our area.
The volunteers of the parish Caritas, present at the collection points, explain the initiative to customers by disseminating information and collecting donations. The required goods are long-life food (pasta, rice, biscuits, oil, tomatoes, milk, tuna, sugar, corn, beans, coffee), baby products (diapers, pasta, baby food, cheese, fruit juice), household products (detergents, napkins, handkerchiefs), hygiene products (toilet paper, sanitary towels, bath gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes).

“We encourage all people to live with us the amazing collection – said the director of Caritas Valerio Landri. A small gesture, we are sure, will have a generous response of full solidarity with those who have even less, in the hope that by sharing the need of food everyone can learn the only really practical attitude towards others: the attention and love “.

Sensitize families in a critical consumption and the share of its assets is a major goal of this extraordinary collection. The initiative aims to promote the widespread solidarity because poverty and discomfort are situations that affect a growing number of families and vulnerable people in our territory.

The products collected will remain in the individual local contrast of poverty interventions made by individual parish Caritas in the diocese.