We stay home but we are not alone

“We stay home but we are not alone”, this is the slogan that we launched in this period of emergency, made of insecurity and concern. Staying at home has been imposed by the competent authorities, but not being alone or – above all – not leaving anyone alone alone requires us to have the heart, faith and spirit of service that distinguishes the Caritas activity with its operators and his volunteers.

And not leaving anyone alone is what Francesca does who hasn’t stopped even a little. In fact, every day, authorization of the command of the Carabinieri in your pocket, precautions indicated by the Government, and around the villages to deliver what the local generosity is inspiring right now, from the mozzarella of the local dairies to the cheeses, to the donated expense and how much other things can be comforting, as well as helping, in this moment of uncertainty and fear. Because the telephone of the Listening Center is always active and she is always available.

She is Caritas.

As well as Tony and Michele who in the same ways – and with the same precautions – around to deliver supplies to some families who live in dramatic situations, have never stopped going. The parish is poor and supplies are always in short supply in the pantry, but as they say in these parts “they make the penny a million”, legs on their shoulders and a smile always manage to give it away.

They are Caritas.

Alessandra, Maria Josè, Antonio, Pamela, Franco, Nardina, Giaggi, Susetta deliver the shopping vouchers so that each of the friends reached can have the opportunity to choose what to buy according to their needs, sometimes dictated by intolerances, by particular diets. They would like to do much more, they try to whisper that it is ALREADY more and sometimes they believe it and sometimes they don’t! They are simple, precious people.

They are Caritas.

Marianna decided to PERSONALLY bring the shopping to some family that had totally exhausted food supplies and despite some reproach there was no way, she wanted to do it: “she couldn’t waste any more time!”, She replies peremptorily to those who ask her “why ? “.

Marianna is about 75 years old and is Caritas.

Alessandra made 600 eggs available to all the parish Caritas and Iselda immediately went to get them to distribute them to the families of the two parishes closest to her.

They are also Caritas.

And then there are Giusy, Gianni, Rita, Gilda, Paolo, Croce, Enzo, Pietro and many others, who try to understand if there are situations of elderly and sick people alone, and they always have the phone on to answer urgent requests, and they are ready to intervene, always and despite everything.

All of them are Caritas.