“San Luigi” Center – House of Peace

In 2014, the “San Luigi” Center was entrusted to the Mondoaltro Foundation, the operational arm of the Diocesan Caritas, so that it would become a place of prayer and teaching, at the service of the entire ecclesial community, where retreats, training sessions, school camps, etc. could be organized. The structure houses some of the activities of the Diocesan Caritas of Agrigento and the Mondoaltro Foundation: the Weekend for Autonomy (WEPLA) with differently-abled children, projects with people as an alternative to detention, spiritual training and retreats, etc. The “S. Luigi House” can accommodate up to a maximum of 20 people with beds and 70 people for daily activities. It is available for parishes, associations, groups and movements that request it, to live prayer experiences, formative meetings, school camps in direct contact with nature. The restructuring was completed in 2015 thanks to some specific projects and the support of the Diocesan Caritas and Caritas Italiana, which made it possible to transform what once was a carpentry workshop into a training room, as well as creating a multi-purpose sports field. Now the management of this structure is the co-responsibility of everyone and a sharing of the expenses is requested for its use. The structure is delivered clean and ready for operation, and a reimbursement fee is asked for:

Residential activity (more days with an overnight stay):
– One-time cleaning fees: €50.00
– Accommodation fee: €5.00 per person per night (€7.00 per person per night from November to February).

Daily activities (without overnight stay):
Group fee: €70.00

The group leader is asked to fill out a booking form and sign the rules.

Download the application form.

Download the brochure.

For further information please send an e-mail to segreteria@caritasagrigento.it or call the following phone number: +39.0922.490043