“Listening Spaces”, a seminar dedicated precisely to places used as centers for listening

“Listening is serious.” It takes time, attention, skill and passion. For this reason, Caritas diocesan has decided to dedicate two days, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 February, to the “Listening Spaces” a workshop dedicated precisely to places used as centers for listening “because – as explained by the director of diocesan Caritas Valerio Landri – the Spaces where you listen are also important, because the well-being of the listener and the listener is important to us ». The workshop will be held in the headquarters of the Mondoaltro Foundation, in Via Barone 2A, in Agrigento.

The students of the Social Service Course of the University Pole of Agrigento, young architects and creatives, social workers and beneficiaries of Caritas services will participate. The participants were led by Professor Teresa Di Rosa, Dr. Gabriella Argento from the degree course in Social Service and the architect Cristian Campagnaro, Professor at PoliTo. Together they will try to think of a new Diocesan Listening Center, in which to concentrate all the “counseling” activities of the Diocesan Caritas. A new pastoral center, in the center, which is livable, eco-sustainable and has something to tell the city.