Counseling center for work

Even for the pastoral year 2015/2016 Agrigento Caritas and Fondazione Mondoaltro, its operational arm, have decided to invest energy and money in “Corner Grenade”, the ATM guidance social-work that already from last year is active in Grenade Square, in Agrigento.
Given the need to register and the success of this service, this year we decided to quadruple the efforts through the implementation of three other doors in the outskirts of the diocese, which will be managed by generous volunteers from the parish Caritas.
The Corner is a free space, open to anyone working in a difficult situation; born to orient in the world of work, help them understand their own abilities and support with hope and optimism, all those people who can not look to the future with positivity.
Thank you for all you do every day to help our work, now we ask you to help us help. We ask you to weave us a network of support and information for these people and who knows maybe even for yourself or for your children; we ask you to share with us any information to you regarding job positions.
Your neighbor needs a baby sitter, a help for the after-school their children, a maid or a gardener? The supermarket near the house or the shop around the corner are looking for a salesperson / a? Your doctor is looking for a secretary? You have an uncle who runs a business and is looking for an employee?
Contact us and we, through the bulletin boards in our branches, we can share this opportunity.
You can send your reports by:
phone / fax: 0922.26905
or come to visit us at the Institute Granata, Salita San Domenico (staircase next to the Church San Domenico), Agrigento, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.00 to 12.00.